Hair Extensions in Minneapolis

Most people go to great lengths to find the right place for hair extensions—pun intended. At Women’s Spa Salon, we are a premier destination for hair extensions in the Minneapolis area.

If you are considering adding length to your hair, here’s what we recommend you know:

First, there are many different types of hair extensions available on the market. Before you take the plunge, consider your favorite types of activities, as this will impact your selection. If you swim often or are very athletic, clip-in extensions may be the most hygienic option.

Next up is cost. Synthetic hair ranges in price from approximately $50 to $100 depending on quality. For actual human hair, you can expect to pay about twice these prices. The typical lifespan of extensions is around two to six months. These are all important considerations to weigh.

When it comes to styling, the length of extensions is what provides the options. If you want super-long and luscious locks and regularly style your hair into updos or braids, adding a flare of color in extensions can be a fun new look.

Before you make your appointment with our talented team, we prefer if you have at least six inches of hair to give us enough space to add in the extensions. If not, give us a call at 612.345.7260 and we can talk about your options!

As a provider of hair extensions in Minneapolis, we know the numerous benefits our customers receive from this process. Whether you just need a change, are tired of waiting for your hair to grow out, have recently lost your hair or received a bad haircut, we are the team for you.

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