Women’s Spa Salon: Your Destination for the Best Haircut in Minneapolis

It’s amazing how a new haircut can transform your entire look. If you’re seeking a change, the team at Women’s Spa Salon is here to give you the right haircut to complement your unique style. With our convenient downtown location and our experienced team of hair stylists, Women’s Spa Salon is proud to offer the best haircut in Minneapolis for women. From quick trims to drastic changes, we will take the time to discuss your hair goals and ensure that we deliver the best look for you. In addition, we strive to create a spa-like experience and help you escape the daily grind by including a complimentary mini-facial and shampoo treatment with all of our haircuts!

Are you in need of a new haircut, but unsure which style would work best for you? Here are a few of the top haircuts for women in 2020 to consider:

  • Blunt bobs. Blunt bobs, which feature a sleek look with clean, straight lines at the ends, are making a statement this year. This versatile cut works well with any hair texture and serves as a particularly eye-catching complement to square, oval, or heart-shaped faces.
  • Long lobs. Long lob haircuts offer the same chic aesthetic as bobs, but feature hair that typically falls around shoulder-length—making them even more versatile and a beautiful look for just about any hair type or face shape.
  • The modern shag. Originating in the 1970s and often associated with a messy, rock-n-roll look, the shag haircut has been updated for 2020. The modern shag features several textured layers to create a soft shape, while still offering a casual, low-maintenance style. Shags tend to work best with wavy or curly hair.
  • Tapered cuts. Tapers are common haircuts for men, but women can rock them too! With noticeable length on top of the head, gradually shorter sides, and clean lines, tapered cuts are perfect if you’re seeking a trendy short style. Add in some vibrant highlights for an extra-edgy look!
  • Long layers. Long, flowing hair is timeless for women. Adding lots of layers to a long style helps remove excess weight in order to boost movement and volume.

No matter your hair length, texture, or desired look, the team at Women’s Spa Salon is here to help you achieve a beautiful new style with the best haircut in Minneapolis! Call us today at 612.345.7260 or book an appointment online at https://womensspasalon.com/appointments-online/.

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