Lash Extensions: What You Should Know

At Womens Spa Salon, one of Minneapolis’ best hair salons that specializes in haircuts, hair color services and other spa treatments for women, we offer a one stop environment for all things beauty.  One of our unique service offerings is that of lash extensions.

Lash extensions are a great way to augment your natural lashes with luscious full lashes for desirable volume and length. Here’s a roundup of common lash extension questions we receive:

Do lash extensions hurt?
Absolutely not. When applied by a trained professional like our team, lash extensions should not hurt. Each lash is isolated and an extension is adhered to add volume and length at a weight that enhances your natural lash structure.

How long do they last?
Depending on the adhesive bond or your regular activities, each extension should last as long as your natural eyelash. The human body loses anywhere from one to four eyelashes a day on the average which means that you should schedule a fill approximately every three to four weeks.

Do they harm my own lashes?
Not if applied correctly. It is important the weight and length of any extensions are in line with what your natural eyelash can uphold. If it’s too heavy or creates clusters, there is a risk of damage to your eyelashes. That’s why it’s critical to see a well-trained professional!

Can I wear makeup and mascara?
Yes, you can definitely add makeup to further enhance your lashes. It’s best to stick to an oil-free mascara to prevent interference with the adhesive bond. With makeup, it’s also better to go oil-free to maintain optimal extension lifespan.

If you want to have fuller, more luscious lashes, then we suggest giving extensions a try. Talk to our team about this service today or book your appointment for lash extensions online.

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