Find the Best Hair Colorists in the Twin Cities at Women’s Spa Salon

Whether you want to simply add a few highlights or completely change your hair’s hue, coloring your hair has the power to transform and elevate your look. However, it’s important to only entrust your hair coloring to a trained and experienced professional, as a “bad dye job” could risk damaging your hair. At Women’s Spa Salon, our talented team includes some of the best hair colorists in the Twin Cities!

Serving customers from all over the downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, the team at Women’s Spa Salon strives to consistently exhibit the highest level of professionalism. We stay up to date on the latest training and trends in order to provide a full range of hair salon services. We will work closely with you to create customized results that reflect your ideal image and keep your hair looking healthy and gorgeous. Read on to learn more about what we offer!

Hair Color Services from the Best Hair Colorists in the Twin Cities

At Women’s Spa Salon, our hair color services include the following:

  • Full head color. Also known as “single-process color,” a full head color is the way to go when you want to totally transform your look.
  • If you’re looking to brighten up your hair without straying too far from your base color, we will use highlights and/or lowlights to add volume, dimension, and well-integrated color to your hair.
  • Foil-glaze. We combine full coverage color with foiling to create an eye-catching, multi-tonal color.
  • If your goal is to lighten your hair in a way that looks very natural, balayage offers the perfect option. Referring to the French word meaning “to paint” or “to sweep,” balayage is a highlighting technique that involves hand-painting the strands to yield a soft, sun-kissed look. One of the main advantages of balayage is that it does not create any harsh lines as the roots grow out, allowing you to wait longer between hair appointments. This popular technique is also highly customizable as the stylist has a great deal of control over the intensity and placement of color.
  • Gloss/toner. As an add-on to our other hair color services, a gloss/toner improves the health and tonality of your hair by adding moisture and protein and sealing the cuticle—leaving hair soft, lustrous, and rejuvenated.
  • Bleach and tone. If you’re seeking sparkling, sunshine-blonde hair, this double-process blonding service may be right for you. We offer a partial and full bleach and tone to lighten and refine your hair color.

With endless options available for altering the color of your hair, which will you choose? Call Women’s Spa Salon today at 612.345.7260 and let some of the best hair colorists in the Twin