Balayage Highlights

Looking for the Best Salon for Balayage Near Me? Come to Women’s Spa Salon!

When you’re looking to change up your hair color, deciding on the right salon and coloring techniques can be a daunting process. You might wonder about your stylist’s qualifications, the products being used, the lasting effects that coloring may have on your hair, and whether the color will stay looking beautiful for long enough to justify your investment. For many women, a popular coloring technique called balayage will produce gorgeous results and minimize the concerns that come with hair coloring. If you’re curious about this technique and find yourself asking Google, “what is the best salon for balayage near me?,” we hope your search will lead you to Women’s Spa Salon!

At Women’s Spa Salon, our team of stylists is highly experienced in a wide variety of hair coloring techniques, including balayage. We will help you determine if balayage is right for you and if so, ensure that your results are long-lasting and beautiful. Read on to learn more about balayage!

What is balayage?

While balayage (pronounced “baa-lee-ahge”) hair has surged in popularity in recent years, the technique was created by French hair colorists in the 1970s. Originating from the French word meaning “to sweep” or “to paint,” balayage requires the stylist to paint on hair color in a freehanded manner.

How does balayage compare to other hair coloring techniques?

Balayage offers two main advantages over other coloring techniques: it yields a natural, sun-kissed effect, and because it looks so natural, there are no harsh lines as your hair grows out—which means less maintenance and fewer trips to the salon. However, the results tend to be less uniform and precise than with foiling. Balayage also allows the stylist a great deal of creative discretion in deciding the placement and intensity of color, which provides a great way to highlight your individual features using hair color.

Is balayage right for me?

Balayage offers a more subtle, low-maintenance option for just about anyone looking to alter their hair color. This technique works on most lengths and shades of hair, from pixie cuts to flowing locks and from blonde to red to brown. While adding blonde to the hair is the most traditional type of balayage, several other shades are currently trending, including rose gold, peach, and even blue.

Feeling inspired to give balayage a try? The team at Women’s Spa Salon is adept at this stylish technique and will provide a beautiful look tailored for your hair. Call us today at 612.345.7260 or visit to schedule an appointment!