Hair Color Services

Now that spring is here, it may be time to lighten your locks. At Womens Salon Spa, we are big fans of changing up hair colors to go with the seasons. Many of our clients feel the same way which is why we perform more dark coloring services during fall and winter, and then move to sun-kissed, lighter colors come spring and summer.

If you are new to this ritual, our talented team would love to help you find a coloring treatment that fits your vibe and style.

Several of the hair color services we perform at our luxurious salon spa environment include:


Think of this category as the traditional salon hair coloring service. Highlights and their popular counterpart, lowlights, help add dimension and tonality through the appearance of lightening and darkening particular strands to frame your face and enhance your features.


For those looking to add movement to their hair, fluid hair is a process that involves painting large portions of longer hair in similar colors. The result is a fun outcome that gives depth and alludes to the natural layering of a good haircut.

Soft Ombre
A gentle take on the traditional French ombre hair look that captures a gradual dipped effect from the roots as dark to the ends of the hair that are lighter. This gentle approach invokes beach days and can take those with great natural hair coloring up a notch.


All the rage right now, balayage is a hair game changer delivering color that compliments nearly every client we have seen who asks for this service. In essence, this color service paints the hair in sweeping motions that result in slightly sunkissed hair.

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