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Looking for the Best Hair Extensions in Minneapolis? Come to Women’s Spa Salon!

Whether you would like to add length or volume to your hair, fill in spots where the hair has been compromised, or you simply want to try a glamorous new look, hair extensions may offer the perfect solution. However, choosing the best extensions to suit your needs and existing hair can be a daunting process. As one of the best salons for hair extensions in Minneapolis, the team at Women’s Spa Salon is here to help guide you through the process of determining whether hair extensions are right for you and, if so, installing extensions that will enhance your natural hair in a seamless and beautiful way.

From inexpensive clip-ins to premium human hair extensions that last for several months, the quality of hair extensions varies significantly—and as with many other purchases in life, the old adage that “you get what you pay for” applies when choosing hair extensions. At Women’s Spa Salon, we are committed to offering some of the highest quality hair extensions in Minneapolis to ensure that your investment in beautiful locks will yield long-lasting satisfaction. We are proud to feature PerfecTress extensions, which are made from natural human hair that has been minimally treated in order to leave it feeling soft and silky. Due to their high quality, PerfecTress hair extensions can last for up to one year before needing to be replaced. This ensures that you will enjoy minimal maintenance and a strong return on investment.

Concerned that hair extensions will damage your natural hair? While some application methods can be risky, there is no need to worry when you come to Women’s Spa Salon! Another advantage of our hair extensions is that they utilize innovative bonding systems that shield your scalp and existing hair from damage. This means that you can continue wearing extensions for as long as you’d like, or easily transition back to rocking your natural hair on its own.

When installing hair extensions, one of our main goals is to ensure that they blend seamlessly with your existing head of hair. Our extensions are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and lengths, and our talented stylists will work with you to carefully customize the fit. We will offer guidance on care and maintenance and will be available for the lifespan of your extensions to keep them looking gorgeous.

Want longer or more voluminous locks? Hair extensions from Women’s Spa Salon can help you achieve your ideal look! Call us today at 612.345.7260 to schedule a consultation with one of our extension experts!