What is Hair Glaze at the Salon?

It’s party season! With office holiday shindigs, friend get-togethers, neighborhood festivities and more, it’s time to shine. At Women’s Spa Salon, we are one of the top award-winning hair salons in Minneapolis. Whether you are looking for the best hair color, the best pixie cut, the best balayage highlights, or the best hair glaze at the salon, look no further.

As a cutting-edge beauty salon, we offer a wide range of hair care services, including a blow dry bar. To help you look your best for all of the events on your social calendar, give our studio a call at 612.345.7260 to book an appointment today. One of the most popular treatments we perform at our salon is a hair glaze.

What is Hair Glaze at the Salon?
A hair glaze is a temporary application of a neutral pigment that coats hair to enhance shine. It does not contain peroxide or ammonia and does not add or lift any color from the hair.

What Are the Many Benefits of a Hair Glaze at the Salon?
As part of a regular hair care routine, hair glaze can restore vibrancy and shine to tired or dry hair. If you dye your hair, then it’s an absolute must. Hair glaze can give color a slight boost that not only maintains it better, but also enhances the dimensionality of lowlights or highlights.

In Minneapolis, we have harsh winters that can take a toll on your locks. The cold air combined with the indoor heat can lead to dry, dull, or lifeless-looking hair. A professional hair glaze at the salon can nourish parched follicles and bring your hair to a new level of shine.

Plus, these types of treatments can last for weeks. That makes now the perfect time to book a hair glaze session at Women’s Spa Salon!