Balayage Highlights

Balayage Highlights

Heading into the spring and summer seasons is the perfect reason to change your hair color and add a bit of lightness to your locks. Balayage highlights are a specialty color service offered at Womens Salon Spa that do just that: deliver soft, sun-kissed dimensions.

What is Balayage?

This hair coloring technique is created by painting the hair to create natural-looking highlights like that of children’s hair. It produces effortlessly cool hair that is lower maintenance than other, more traditional color processes and delivers the effect similar to finishing a week on the beach.

Where Does Balayage Come From?

Technically, the name stems from the French word for sweep. “Balayer” or sweeping refers to the method in which color is applied in a graduated, painted pattern to capture that natural balayage highlight effect.

With gorgeous dimension and color, this style of highlighting allows for both brightness and contrast without overwhelming the face.

Why You Should Try It!

A great approach to lightening winter hair color, balayage requires less maintenance than other processes and is meant to flatter the natural root growth that occurs with any coloring. Most clients at our salon return for color touch ups between ten weeks to six months.

As a customized coloring process, our team considers every element unique to your head of hair. From placement of color to gradation, colors used to texture and the length of your hair, balayage offers excellent adaptability to soften facial features for each individual.

Balayage is a different approach to highlights distinct from our other popular services including ombre, babylights or traditional highlights. By maintaining your root color and offering a blended, softer appearance that mimics natural lightening patterns to your hair, this color service is like a boost to ensure that your hair looks chic and cared for.

Give our team a call to book your consultation for a balayage service today. We’d love to help you step into the season ahead with beachy hair.