Bridal Hair Salon Services for Your Big Event

There’s so much to do between getting engaged and the actual big day. While it may seem like a good idea to try and do many tasks yourself, when the event gets closer, booking a professional with a bridal hair salon can grant you much needed peace of mind.

You’ve got enough on your plate! At Womens Spa Salon, we’re here to help you look your best for any of life’s major occasions. For a wedding or other celebratory occasions, here’s why we recommend letting our experts be on your team.

Stress Free
With out of town guests, the wedding party, soon to be in-laws, family, relatives, coworkers, the list just goes on and on, weddings can be stressful events and any little step that can take to mitigate stressors can render a calmer, more enjoyable moment that allows you to just really take it all in.

Professional Experience
Rain, spills, unexpected difficulties… our team has seen it all. Having an unflappable professional ready to make you shine can make the difference when it comes to ironing out a small hiccup or that molehill becoming a mountain. We are committed to making your wonderful day one of the most memorable in your life.

Your wedding party may be diverse and having one makeup and hair stylists work across the party can deliver a cohesive look that can be admired in pictures for years to come.

Capturing Your Best Look
By doing a trial run before the big day, one of our talented makeup artists and hair stylists can discuss your vision and then model several looks to get it perfect. A run through of this process allows you to know exactly what to expect, which can calm pre-event jitters and abate anxiety!

At Womens Spa Salon, we offer a pre-wedding day consultation and day-of makeup that includes eyelashes and airbrushing. Wrap this service together with a hair consultation, and most of the decisions can be made beforehand, to leave you able to focus on having a great wedding with your love.


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