Hair Color Minneapolis

Hair Color Minneapolis

When it comes to hair color, the multitude of options can be overwhelming. Whether you’re interested in beautiful balayage, simple highlights, or anything in between, the team at Women’s Spa Salon is here for you to offer the best hair color Minneapolis has to offer.

Your hair color has a major impact on your look, and that’s why it is essential to work with a professional. Not to mention, there is always a new technique trending in the industry. At Women’s Spa Salon, we have the talent and the technique to make your head of hair stand out in a crowd.

We can help you achieve numerous hair color trends, including:

When balayage burst onto the scene back in 2003, it was a complete game changer. This French approach literally translates to “to sweep” or “to paint.” And the outcome it produces matches up to its title. The effect is gentle with color reminiscent of sun-kissed hair.

Another French term, “ombre” translates to “shaded,” and its dipped effect conveys gradual blending from dark to light or light to dark. The most common hair coloring is with darker roots that generally transition to lighter ends.

Similar to the above, sombre can be considered a softer version of the ombre trend. If you are seeking a natural-looking emphasis on your hair’s original color, consider sombre as your go-to color request.

Fluid Hair
This is a fun option, especially for fall! Fluid hair, otherwise referred to as hair painting, is a new type of highlighting trend that involves varying tones painted on large swaths of longer hair, thereby creating a lot of dimension and movement.

The more traditional route, highlights (or inversely, lowlights) involve lightening or darkening strands of hair to enhance your features.

Which hair color option will you choose? Let the team at Women’s Spa Salon create the best look for your unique style!


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