Haircuts Minneapolis

Haircuts in Minneapolis

A great haircut can transform your look. But actually knowing how to find an excellent salon and the talent necessary to deliver can take a bit of effort. At WOMENS SPA SALON MINNEAPOLIS, we offer a range of services for all of your grooming needs.  Located in Minneapolis, our talented team of stylists deliver hair cuts at their finest.

When it comes to getting a great haircut, here are a few tips:

Get to Know Us
Before you head into our studio, do a bit of sleuthing to find the stylist that best matches your vibe. Each member of our team comes to the studio with a diverse set of skills and a background dedicated to beauty and style.

Do a Consultation First
Not sure what you want? One way to open the doors for a discussion is to book a consultation with a blow dry. Not only does this guarantee you facetime to figure out what would work best, you’ll leave with an awesome experience under your belt.

Discuss Your Routine
Not everyone wants to blow dry their hair daily. Others don’t mind using multiple tools and steps to get the look they want each day. Part of getting a great haircut is getting a haircut that lines up with your lifestyle and preferences. Be prepared ahead of time to talk about what your regular routine is and if you are open to using products or not.

Bring Inspiration
It’s always a good idea to bring along sample images of looks you love and trends you are interested in. A good stylist can take this inspiration with a grain of salt, discuss what you like (or what you don’t like) about each item and then combine ideas with what you’re already working with to discover a new look that works best for you.

Inquire About Temporary
Not sure about making a bold color move or cutting bangs? No big deal. Using creativity and tools at our disposal can perform a variety of services that help you figure out what you really want. For example, longer bangs instead of short, or a temporary color glaze. We’re happy to accommodate your curiosity!

Remember a great haircut is a collaborative experience. At Womens Spa Salon, we are here to listen to your wants and needs and help steer you toward a cut that works for you and your lifestyle.


Created in 2019, WOMENS SPA SALON MINNEAPOLIS is not your average beauty salon. We believe our women’s hair care services allow you to gain more than just a hair cut and hair color, but experience a tight knit family of people who truly care about you and your well-being. Book an appointment to get to know us! Looking for the best haircare products? Check out our full line of haircare products from Clean Enhanced Organics.