What is Hair Glaze

What is Hair Glaze?

If your hair is looking lackluster these days, a hair glaze should be in your future cards. As a temporary, non-committal hair treatment, hair glazing is a special process that can help add both shine and color to your locks.

At Womens Salon Spa, our talented team of beauty artists offer a wide range of haircut, color and other spa treatments designed to deliver you with the professional beauty services you desire. When it comes to special hair treatments like glazing, we perform a combination services guaranteed to give you healthy-looking and lustrous hair.

Don’t Confuse Glaze with Gloss

Hair glosses are a great way to rejuvenate limp, dry locks. Usually executed in a salon environment, a hair gloss is a long-lasting treatment that can restore shine to colored hair by reducing overall dryness, frizziness and split ends.

Hair glossing is popular for those with already color-treated hair to reduce brassiness or emphasis undertones. Some like to think of it as a quick refresher for your current color.

Why We Love a Glaze

Hair glazing is quite similar to glossing with temporary results that leave your hair shiny and smooth. Hair glazing can give a shiny boost with a transparent glaze that coats and seals individual hair shafts resulting in smoother hair cuticles.

It’s an excellent service for those with hair that’s been over-styled including straightened or for those with vulnerable colored hair – think red or auburn colors that require frequent upkeep.

At our luxurious salon, we perform hair glazing on customers that are looking to:

  • Repair damage
  • Prevent further breakage
  • Add shine or protection
  • Smooth hair imperfections
  • Extend color life
  • Prevent fading
  • Refresh hair health

Give us a call at 612.345.7260 to talk about why a hair glaze treatment could give new life to your locks or schedule an appointment online to book your hair glaze treatment today!